Our Water

All of our locations are registered, inspected and approved by Alberta health services. This accountability is something that we found lacking in the water refill business but considered very important.

When we first embarked into water vending, there were no distinct rules with Alberta Health Services pertaining to the water vending industry. We approached and ultimately worked in conjunction with the local supervisor for Alberta Health Services to draft minimum acceptable standards for maintenance, bacterial testing intervals and record keeping, which we now apply and exceed in our day to day operations.

Our water undergoes a sophisticated, multistep treatment and refinement process that is monitored, tested and maintained on a regular basis.

Our commitment is to develop a long lasting relationship with our customers by providing the best quality product in the industry through knowledge and quality control.

Our refinement process starts with basic water softening, which predominantly removes the calcium and magnesium divalent cations from the feed supply. This process is called cation exchange. We then use a high quality grade of activated carbon to remove chlorine as well as a long list of other potential contaminants that may or may not be present depending on the feed source we are working with. The water is then forced at high pressure through a reverse osmosis membrane separation system to remove 99% of all remaining dissolved solids.

The membranes we use are environmentally friendly, low energy, high rejection filtering at one five thousandths of a micron!! To put this in perspective, the average human hair is approximately 86 micron wide. The human eye can see down to about 30 micron. The refined water is then collected in FDA approved vessels and transferred to the vend units when called for. But it doesn't end there... When the water passes through the vending unit it is again polished with a high grade of activated carbon just before flowing through an ultra violet sterilizing unit as it dispenses into your bottle. All of our vending units are built of restaurant quality stainless steel, ensuring no ferrous contamination.