Who Are We?

We are proud to be a family owned and operated company with close to 50 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry.

My name is Dan, the president, head of design, maintenance and quality control at WaterGo Services Inc.

A Little History

My personal path in this industry started in 1987 as a junior service technician. After several years of old school hands-on education on the service truck, I became the service manager. I then spent the next several years monitoring the projects and product of several service technicians working in the residential, commercial and industrial areas of the industry. At this time I also took advantage of opportunities provided to me to increase my education in the chemistry, mechanical physics and design aspects of water treatment. Most notably, pretreatment and membrane separation technology. I then became the general manager, still with the firm I had started with. It only took me a few years to realize my true passion was in the trenches, building equipment and solving mechanical problems.

In 1994, I nervously cut the security strap to my pay cheque, joined forces with my wife and two young daughters to form our own water treatment company. My wife ran the office while I ran the shop and service trucks. Our daughters routinely laboured after school and weekends wherever needed, helping us to grow while they developed their own strong, old school work ethic. As a result, we created a long term loyal customer base. We concentrated on the design, fabrication, application, installation and maintenance of any and all water treatment, bottled water production and purification equipment imaginable.

Skip ahead several years, our daughters matured, both became medical professionals and started families of their own. As the company and our girls grew, their help had slowly been replaced by various employees and key people who helped us become an even busier water treatment firm. I can't express how much I now enjoy having my grandchildren occasionally accompany me on my maintenance runs. It is very gratifying to see their keen interest and energy.

Several years in, we started to take an active interest in pure water vending, particularly after being contracted to look after the repair and maintenance of water vending systems for a few major producers as well as a major grocery chain retailing throughout western Canada. This became a huge eye opener for us because of just how poorly we found the integrity of the product was being handled and retailed to the trusting customer. We found that frequently, service was only being requested after many gallons of substandard product had already been sold.

As a result we decided to create and implement our own water purification and vending model that we felt would be superior in design. Our focus would be on maintenance and ensuring an end product quality superior to anything currently being offered. We also implemented a system of checks and balances to ensure this quality of product at all times. This decision was based on two major points:

1. Integrity!
It had become very clear to us that the vast majority of water vendors had little to no background or knowledge in the purification of water and more importantly, the art of keeping things clean, safe and sterile. Therefore, often they were unaware service had even been required until it was too late. Also in the event of needed maintenance or a major breakdown, the vendor would have to hire technicians such as ourselves to expedite the appropriate repairs. And, yes, being a specialist in a secular field, this does not come cheap. As a result, and again all too often, as long as water was still coming out the spout and sales continued, the need to spend money to ensure the quality and bacterial integrity was being ignored. To me this was, and still is, unacceptable!

2. Time For a Change!
After more than two decades on the tools and being in charge of the overall running of our company, I was running out of steam. It was time to start looking for a way to apply our experience, skills and knowledge while reducing the complexity of the operation we had created.

WaterGo Services Inc!

After selling off the day to day operations of our company in 2015, we distilled our ideas, focusing solely on pure water vending. We rebranded ourselves and WaterGo Services Inc. was born. We now concentrate on the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of our own pure water vend centres. We are not available for hire to other vendors. We rely on no one else to ensure our product is the best at all times. Although our primary focus is our refill centres, we also produce high quality demineralized water in bulk for process use in industry. Again, where product quality is important, we can be trusted to deliver.

We feel very fortunate to be able to still operate as a family and do what we know and love! Most importantly, we really enjoy our new direction, embracing the chance and the challenge to continuously dream up ways to improve both the mechanics as well as the presentation of our water vend refill centres.

We strive daily to keep our refill centres clean and in perfect operating condition. They are continuously monitored, maintained and tested. We guarantee it!!